One of the most popular and long-lasting man-made materials is concrete. Concrete-built structures have many benefits, including improved fire resistance and environmental benefits. It is solid and strong, but it is not a super-material. When dealing with concrete, it’s crucial to have SA Concrete Solutions on your team, whether it’s for your home or your place of business.


Concrete has a propensity to age and crack, much like all other materials. Concrete requires repairs for a number of reasons. For instance, concrete’s quality can change dramatically when exposed to protracted harsh weather conditions. The following are a few factors that necessitate thinking about concrete repair:


Structural Damage


Concrete can sustain structural or physical damage during the casting and de-shuttering processes. Ground settlement and seismic disturbances have the potential to destroy concrete walls, pipelines, and slabs. Extreme temperature-related expansion and contraction can also be the reason for it.


Chemical Damage


In this situation, concrete repair becomes crucial since, if left unattended to, it could further deteriorate the concrete structure. Concrete constructions can sustain damage from chemical processes like carbonation. Other substances can harm concrete include:


Chlorides (particularly calcium chloride).

Sulfate chemical attack (happens when sulfate in concrete cement when come in contact with cement cause chemical changes and weaken the chemical binder).

Leaching (when water streams through cracks that are already present in concrete, it dissolves the minerals present that hardened the cement).

Seawater (exposing concrete to seawater can have corrosive effects).


Corrosion of Reinforcement


Buildings reinforced with carbon steel may experience mechanical stress during the growth of corrodible materials, which could lead to the development of cracks and the instability of concrete structures. Consequently, the concrete needs to be fixed. In order to detect structural concerns early—before they worsen—you might want to think about hiring a concrete slab scanning service.


Concrete repair in cases of cracks is essential for the life-cycle of a concrete structure because if cracks are left unattended, water damage could speed up the degeneration of the material.


Additional Causes of Concrete Damage


Fire harm.

Blast injury.

Earthquake damage.

Inadequate reinforcement.

Enormous loads.